In the Embrace of Deliberation: A Love Cherished by Allah

In the Embrace of Deliberation: A Love Cherished by Allah

Dear brothers and sisters,

In contemplating the ripple effect of our actions, it becomes evident that the culprits behind missed opportunities often hinge on impulsiveness and the absence of careful consideration. Deliberation, akin to the gentle strokes of a calligrapher’s hand, weaves a tapestry of success where haste would leave only fragments.

Deliberation, the art of patient pursuit, is etched with purpose and intent. Ponder the words of Allah, the Most High, as He admonishes hasty action: “O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful” (Quran 49:6).

The Prophet, peace be upon him, commended the deliberation of ‘Abd Al-Qays from the Hajar region, extolling the virtues of their composure and tolerance. He remarked to Ashajj ‘Abd Al-Qays, “You possess qualities beloved to Allah and His Messenger: patience and deliberation” (Imam Al-Bukhari and Imam Muslim). The devout embrace of deliberation garners divine affection and the Prophet’s acclaim. For, as he said, “Deliberation stems from Allah, while hastiness is the realm of the devil. Allah is most forgiving, and the praise that resonates with Him is most cherished” (Abu Ya’la: narrators of saheeh Hadeeth).

Fadhalah Bin ‘Ubayd narrates a lesson imprinted in time. A man entered the Masjid, prayed, and entreated Allah without adorning his supplication with praise or blessings upon the Prophet. The Prophet, peace be upon him, advised him, “Your supplication was prematurely fashioned.” The Prophet himself imparted to his companions the sequence of divine supplication: first, an accolade to Allah, then a plea for peace upon the Prophet, followed by the supplication itself. An example resounded in the Prophet’s ear – a devotee beseeched while offering praise and blessings. The Prophet encouraged, “Invoke Allah, and your entreaty shall find its way, and your desires shall not be denied” (Imam An-Nasa’ee, Shaikh Al-Albani classified as saheeh).

Contemplate the virtues of patience and deliberation. Their embrace brings forth virtues that cloak the soul with serenity, guarding against the perils hastiness begets. Amidst the night, they offer tranquility, while the day is graced with inner peace. Abu Hatim once said, “The hasty elude capture, while the patient stride, unmarred by hastiness. The reticent rarely lament, while the loquacious seldom evade erring. Haste begets words premature, answers uninformed, and praises rash.”

Noble souls, envision the merchant who secures goods unexplored. Ponder the lament of spouses ensnared in unions devoid of reflection or counsel. Consider the remorse of a husband hastening divorce, bypassing polite discourse or arbitration. Reflect on the student rueful of haste’s taint upon exam answers. Witness the friend burdened by baseless accusations, the judge’s verdict marred by haste.

In the wisdom bestowed upon the Prophet, lies a treasure. ‘Ali recounts the counsel offered to him as a young judge in Yemen, “Allah will illuminate your heart and guide your words. When two parties appear before you, do not decide until both voices reach your ears, thus unveiling truth’s visage.” ‘Ali’s certainty in judgment was etched by these words (Imam Abu Dawood and Imam Ahmad, Ahmad Shakir suggested as saheeh).

The Prophet, peace be upon him, frowned upon hasty supplications, deeming hastiness a veil that shrouds divine response. “A supplication shall be answered, except when veiled by haste and the complaint, ‘I prayed, but my Lord did not heed'” (Imam Al-Bukhari and Imam Muslim).

Deliberation adorns the confident soul, casting a spotlight on one’s stance. This soul possesses self-assurance, resolution, and absence of doubt. Failures are not embraced, but met with repentance and trust in Allah’s mercy. As the Prophet disclosed, “Good character, deliberation, and balance constitute a part of the twenty-four aspects of Prophethood” (Imam At-Tirmithi, reported as Hasan).

In the realm of deliberation, Allah’s favor is kindled, and divine affection unfurls, akin to the meticulous strokes of a masterful hand.

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